AMERICANARAMA II   Is History Now ...

check out the photos (in military speak INCOMING, INCOMING!) and soon to come sound samples. If you were there, there will be some great reminders ... and if you missed it, some things to whet your appetite for the next one!

And in case you were wondering,  Americanarama is Buffalo's foremost Roots Music Festival and BBQ. This year's list  of performers included:

The Steam Donkeys The Frantic Flattops
The Cowslingers Redheaded Stepchild
The Irving Klaws with Dixie Dee
(If you've got the Norton Wade Curtiss
compilation you'll know who that is!)
Scott Carpenter & the Real McCoys
The Red Gills The Red Liners (formerly the Pine Dogs)
Nimrod Wildfire

This festival annually features some of Western New York's -- and the nation's -- finest practicioners of that mixture of roots rock/country music that has come to be called Alternative Country, combining the honesty and twang of true country with the kick and spirit that rose out of punk. It has even spawned its own radio format, dubbed "Americana" by the Gavin Report.

We think of it another way. As a friend, Al Moss, says:

The only real Alternative ...
and the only real Country!

To contact the Steam Donkeys, call (716)-884-8142, or write PO Box 1241, Buffalo, NY, 14213. Or click here to send E-Mail through the Web Master.